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Wrought Iron – News & Updates :

Wrought Iron –  News & Updates :

Southern California Coatings has been contracted by the Marina Hills Board of Directors to conduct repairs to the rear stucco walls/columns and the wrought iron fencing behind homes. This project has been ongoing since the beginning of 2021 and we thank you for your patience. The following streets remain to be completed and listed in order of scheduling: Narbonne, Mykonos, Chamonix and Bellagio. Please note the dates of completion vary as the time needed to complete each street varies depending on the repair work needed.

So Cal Coatings will send a notice for upcoming work, prior to the anticipated start date of the street. To expedite repair work and allow So Cal Coatings to efficiently conduct repairs to the back walls & fences, please remove and/or trim foliage at least two (2) feet away from the back walls & fences. Additionally, please remove any wire mesh that is attached to the wrought iron to allow the contractor to make appropriate repairs & paint without obstruction. Upon completion of repairs, if an owner re-attaches any unapproved wire mesh to the Association maintained fencing, the owner may be called to a hearing before the Board of Directors and fines may be assessed to your account.

Additionally, any wire mesh attached to the common area wrought iron fencing must be plastic coated & attached with plastic zip ties. There are two (2) different samples in the Clubhouse Office that are approved by the Association. Either of the samples may be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s, the SKU#’s are 222-958 & 223-088. You may stop by the Clubhouse to view these samples.